IV in Europe

The CEE Federations

CEE industry’s positions on essential issues. 

At the beginning of 2005, the five following Central and Eastern European (CEE) industry and employers' federations launched an initiative aimed at intensifying their long-term cooperation

  • IV (Austria) 
  • MGYOSZ (Hungary) 
  • RUZ (Slovakia) 
  • SPCR (Czech Republic) 
  • ZDS (Slovenia)

The initiative's goal is to have a significant impact on the region's economic, social and political development by promoting growth, employment and prosperity. The group was subsequently joined by:

  • HUP (Croatia) - 2006 
  • ACPR (Romania) - 2009 
  • BIA (Bulgaria) - 2009

The eight CEE federations, all members of BUSINESSEUROPE, the Confederation of European Business, share many common values and convictions. This group is convinced that strong cooperation between equal partners in Central and Eastern Europe is of mutual benefit - for each of the countries concerned and for Europe as a whole.