Haus der Industrie am Schwarzenbergplatz

Organisational bodies

The Federation’s bodies are organised in a similar fashion at national and regional group levels. Functionaries have honorary positions.

Plenary meeting

The plenary of all members is held once annually. It approves the clearance of accounts, sets the level of membership fees and decides upon matters tabled by the federal executive council. This body elects the members of the executive council every third year.

Federal executive council

The federal executive consists of up to 120 members, who are elected by the plenary for a three-year term in office. At most 100 of these members may be nominated by the regional groups. The chairmen of the nine regional groups, the president, the vice-presidents, honorary members and the chairman of the Young Industry belong to the federal executive council.

Presidential Council

This advisory body consists of the members of the presidential committee, honorary presidents and the chairmen of the statutory committees.

Presidential (steering) committee

It consists of the president, the vice-presidents, the presidents of the regional groups and the chairman of the Young Industry.

Statutory committees

The executive may adopt the proposal of the presidential committee and set up standing committees for relevant industrial subject areas. There are standing committees for the following areas:

  • education and society
  • research, technology and innovation
  • infrastructure policy
  • legal policies
  • resources, energy and ecology
  • labour and social policy
  • fiscal policy and capital market issues
  • platform for family businesses
  • platform for SME
  • platform for industry leaders/ key companies
  • media platform
  • task force: international developments

Moreover there are set up current task forces.