Haus der Industrie Vorderansicht

Federation of Austrian Industries

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is a voluntary representative of the interests of Austrian industry. Currently, IV has currently more than 5,000 members.

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is the voluntary and independent representation of the interests of Austrian industry and its associated sectors. As a recognized partner of politics, it works on the positive development of Austria. The IV represents the interests of its currently more than 5,000 members from the manufacturing sector, the banking industry, infrastructure and industry-related services in the federal states, at federal level and in Europe. Efficient and streamlined, the IV is a platform for its members to help shape industrial, economic and socio-political issues.

It acts as an interface between companies and politics:

  • Representation of interests
  • think tank
  • network node
  • service partner

As a member of the official European employers' social partner BusinessEurope, the IV is also the strong voice of Austrian industry at European level.

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