How do I become a member of IV?

Why should you become a member of IV?

  1. Because the Federation of Austrian Industry is the strongest and most successful representative of industry and the industry-related service providers such as the banking industry and Austria’s energy sector. Examples of this are the largest reduction in ancillary labour costs in decades of almost 1 billion euros per annum from 2018  and an increase in research grants from 10 to 12 per cent with the tax reform 2016. At the same time, the IV has managed to impede measures in the current government programme that would be to the detriment of industry.
  2. Because the IV is the most European of Austrian lobbies and has excellent influence potential at the EU level through its membership in the influential umbrella organisation, BUSINESSEUROPE.
  3. Because as an IV member, in no other lobby group do I have so much direct influence and opportunity to contribute and collaborate.
  4. Because the IV is an association that is financed, without exception, through voluntary membership fees and is, therefore, independent and can be obliged to act only in the interests of its members.
  5. Because the Federation of Austrian Industries is the place in which like-minded entrepreneurial personalities come together to exchange experience. For Austrian entrepreneurs the IV is simply ‘the club’ to be in!  

Would you like to become a member of the Federation of Austrian Industries?

Please contact our the regional office in your province directly: